For candidates

Recruitment for the 2017/2018 academic year

Why to study at the Faculty of Earth Sciences of the University of Silesia? The answer is the top quality of education and diversify offer!

  • A varied study programme in 5 Fields of Study and a wide choice of specialisations
  • Extensive opportunities of student exchange and intenrational collaboration( MOST, SOCRATES/ERASMUS and CEPUS programmes)
  • Wide-ranging and attractive field activities and scientific camps
  • Involvement of students into research projects, exploratory expeditions, and geological excavations
  • Availability of free training, courses, excursions for students which improve their professional and linguistic skills (acquisition of B-level foreign language skills), as well as chances and competitiveness of graduates on the labour market
  • A variety of student scholarship and placement programmes (e.g. under the Geohazards Silesia and Diament projects) – student training and placements in the best companies in the region
  • Classes taught by highly capable and esteemed academic staff and lecturers with extensive teaching experience.
  • Creative atmosphere and opportunities for action in Student Scientific Clubs and the Student Government
  • Availability of accommodation in dormitories located close to the Faculty building

State-of-the-art teaching, research and laboratory facilities and equipment – availability of well-equipped lecture rooms, computer facilities, and laboratories