As an interdisciplinary university, the University of Silesia offers a wide array of programs and specialized fields of study and research in a broad range of disciplines including the humanities, social sciences, natural sciences, and science and technology.

The University offers bachelors, masters, and doctoral studies, as well as postgraduate courses designed to improve professional and personal skills. All programmes are divided into specializations tailored to students’ needs and applicability toward their future careers.

Teams consisting of teaching staff and PhD students follow global trends within particular disciplines and specializations and strive to find real solutions to current research problems.

Currently the University teaches almost 25,000 students on over 70 programmes and 240 specializations on Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral levels. With almost 50 years of its tradition, the University of Silesia has gathered well over 250,000 alumni till this day, and has its units located in 4 different cities.

Last but not least: programmes offered by the University of Silesia are systematically evaluated by the Polish Accreditation Committee and the University Accreditation Commission to ensure high quality of the education.


Each incoming student may apply for a room in one ot the universitiy’s dormitories.
In order to apply for accommodation the candidate has to fill certain fields in the Online Application System account and choose the dormitory and type of room in which the student intends to stay during studies.

In case the type of the room the student applied for is not currently available, the university may offer you another accommodation option – place in a different type of a room of or in other dormitory.
The student has a possibility to get accommodated in a dormitory together with chosen person. In order to do so, both parties should contact the head of a dormitory.

The payment for the dormitories should be made either by wire transfer or on spot through credit/debit card.

Please note: Candidates applying on tuition-paying basis and on the same rules as Polish should also fill in the application form for accommodation and submit it to the university.

It is suggested to choose the dormitory with regards to the faculty, as dormitories are located in 3 cities in the region (Katowice, Sosnowiec and Cieszyn).

Campus in Katowice:

Campus in Sosnowiec:

Campus in Cieszyn:

A Student Hostel is called ‘Dom Studenta’, or ‘DS’. Generally, rooms contain bedcovering and bedclothes, but no dishes or cutlery. In almost every single room there is access to the Internet (cable Internet access). Kitchen, laundry, television and computer rooms are available for general use.

The standard of rooms varies and the number of single rooms is limited. Therefore, rooms are allocated on a ‘first-come, first-served’ basis. Upper year/level students have the priority in getting a single room.

Please note! You can accommodate in a dormitory regardless of the hour. However, if you arrive after 4 PM or in the weekend the administration office will be already closed. In such case you will have to submit the guest fee for the period you are not registed in the dormitory (paid in the reception).